Exam Strategies

I know that I said I won’t be able to post any blog in theses days, as I prepare for my final exams. However, it is a habit that we do anything just to escape from studying.

Do worry I will talk about something related to exams. I have attended several lectures about exam preparation strategies and I participated in many dissections with multicultural students about this issue. However, I couldn’t find an ideal plan because each exam needs a different strategy. Also, each strategy might work with specific type of students but not others. Strategies like summarising the lectures in mind map, points, in different colours or figures. All these methods are useful skills but not ideal for all people.

To conclude (and go back to study), the best exam strategy is to be prepared for exams from the beginning by revising each topic in daily basis or at least every week, and you will end up with less effort and less stress during the exams period.

Good luck for all students who have exams and be ready before it :). 


Would be the last post?

Today, I need to submit my personal website and my blog to be reviewed and marked as part of skills module in my Master’s course. The question is … would this post be the last one in my blog? … I hope not!

Although I will be busy during the next month for my final exams, I will definitely continue blogging. Beside the fact that this habit is useful to improve my writing, it is kind of a documentary of important thoughts and events in my life. I can imagine myself reading these lines after several years and how my feeling would be!!

Dear Frances and all staff of School of Health and Life Sciences Learning Development Centre in the GCU, thank you for you effort and your guidance throughout this course that developed our transferable skills. (By the way, the last sentence is not a bribe to get better marks, but you really deserve the gratitude … Thanks again).

Mixed feeling

At this point, the end of second semester of my Master’s, I can feel the pride that I was able to gain a huge amount of information in various aspects within my specialty. This is in addition to numerous skills that I really appreciate the GCU programme coordinators for their effort to combine science with important 21st Century graduate attributes. However, given that it is less than ten days until my first exam, I am also stressed and trying to find a way to manage the massive data in my brain … this make me feel like a warrior!

Although I have already scheduled my study plan which is going well, I am still worrying about the final of all finals!

Another opening extension

I was pleased by the previous GCU library announcement that opining time is extended  during weekends to 11:00 pm as every day during exam periods. Now, I am over the moon, as the library will open 24 hours during this period.

Thank you for their GCU students’ Association for their efforts and the university administration consideration and good luck for all the students.


The announcement and a photo that describes most students feeling.

Exam in a Friendly Atmosphere

Today in the university, we had a poster presentation exam session about our data analysis project. Although the atmosphere was scientific, the examiners were friendly, which made us more relax and more confidant to present our results. I can still feel the delighted moments of my friends during this experience and how they become satisfied of their work.

The general idea about any exam assessment is the stress it generates, however, in this session I have learnt how I can assess someone without putting him in a panic situation.

Overall, thanks for all my lecturers and my friends for this enjoyable experience.

IMG_3259 IMG_3263IMG_3264

Some photos during our preparation for the session.

Poster Problems

Today, I have printed my poster for Wednesday skills session and now I am ready for this experience and willing to get the feedback and official grade from professionals. My last experience in poster presentation helped me to become more confident in my skills. Also, because I had presented my last poster in front of most of my classmates, they thought that I am the expert of this field.

To be honest, I got benefit from their questions more than their profits. The most regular problem that more than 10 of my friends faced that they downloaded the recommended template from the lecturer from GCU learn without changing the page setup to A1 size format and they used it directly. However, I don’t understand the lecturer idea by putting a recommended template without the right format. Although this is an easy step, missing it led them to rewrite their posters and wasted more than an hour to fix this problem.

I hope all the best for my friends in this unforgettable experience.

Malaysian airlines make us United

The unsolved mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 with 239 people on board has captured global attention. Although the curtsey to know what actually happened for this flight has attracted everybody’s’ mind, I think that sympathy for the people on board and their families is the most important aspect of this disaster. Next Wednesday, SEBE student Ambassador team in association with Faith and Belief centre in GCU have organised a multi faith prayer session for Malaysian airline MH370 victims.

This initiative makes me optimistic to forget all our differences and become united in both happiness and disasters.


The session poster.

Extended late opening, GCU Library

The announcement that GCU library has extended its opining time during weekends to 11:00 pm as every day during exam periods has really helped students like me who prefer studying at the university rather than at home. As we get closer to exams we will need every space that Saltire building provides and take the advantage of their services offered like the study space, computers, photocopiers, printers and group study rooms.

I really appreciate this consideration of the students needs from the university administrations.

securedownload (1)

The announcement poster.

Graduation Ceremony & Career Fair UK 2014

Today, I attended a Graduation Ceremony & Career Fair for Saudi students in the UK organised by the Saudi Embassy in the UK . It was like a symbolic ceremony for Saudi students who are expected to graduate this year. Although it was too early to feel that you have graduated, the atmosphere was kind of reaching a great achievement. Also, the career fair was useful to know what opportunities that may suits you in the near future, that was especially good because it reflected situation at Home country. Moreover, having interviews with the employers gave me a good knowledge of what the market needs.

London trip was a combination of fun, pride, tourism and escape from university stressful time.


Photos from the event.

London vs Glasgow

I am now in London. One of the most famous cities in the world; where everybody dream to visit or live. I had an acceptance from a university in London to study but I am glad that I have chosen to study and live in Glasgow. Although I consider Glasgow as a smaller version of London city, I appreciate the fact that Glasgow has the combination between the city and country lifestyle. I just cannot stand the rush that London is famous of and the pollution that gradually increase.

I miss you Glasgow but if you can just adopt London weather, you will become the best city to live ever 🙂


Big Ben in London